Our Activities

The hub hosts seminar series and other scholarly events that would be of interest to both academics and non-academics, the scope of which is intended to be broadly interdisciplinary, welcoming a range of methodologies and areas of study which shed new light on Hong Kong’s past, present and future.


Hong Kong History Seminar Series

Catchwater Colonialism: Reshaping Hong Kong's Hydrology, Infrastructure, and Landscape, 1937 to 1983

Speaker: Jack Greatrex (Nanyang Technological University) 


Book Talk: Hong Kong Takes Flight: Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Global Hub

Speakers: John Wong (University of Hong Kong) 


Book Talk: Political Censorship in British Hong Kong: Freedom of Expression and the Law (1842-1997)

Speakers: Michael Ng (University of Hong Kong) 


New Trends in Hong Kong Studies: A Roundtable

Speakers: Jeffrey Wasserstrom (UC Irvine) and Vivian Kong (University of Bristol)

Chariperson: Florence Mok (Nanyang Technological University) 

Past Events

A Social History of a Cascade that Arguably Named Hong Kong

Speakers: Gary Wong (University of Leeds) and Vincci Mok (University of Hong Kong)

The 1963 Drought: Is It Time to Forget about It? 

Speaker: Frederick Lee (University of Hong Kong)
Discussant: David Clayton (University of York)

From Hygienic Modernity to Green Modernity: Two Modes of Modern Living in Hong Kong Since the 1960s

Speaker: Loretta Lou (University of Macau)

Formalizing Colonial Hong Kong: Ending New Squatting in 1984

Speakers:  Alan Smart (University of Calgary), Charles Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong

From Endangerment to Ferality: Revisiting the Cultural Imagination of Hong Kong via Animal Tropes

Speaker: Winnie L. M. Yee (Hong Kong University)

Discussant: Helena Wu (The University of British Columbia)

Transnational Hong Kong History
Seminar Series (AY2021-2022)

Hong Kong Research Hub (HKRH)

Collaboration with History Department

'The Metropolis of the Far East': Tourism and Recovery in Postwar Hong Kong'

Speaker: John Carroll (University of Hong Kong)

'The World of Amy Stanton: An Anglo-Chinese Girl's Journey Towards Womanhood and Respectability, 1889-1942'

Speaker: Vivian Kong (University of Bristol)

‘Radio Broadcasting and the Early Cold War in Hong Kong, 1945-1955’

Speaker: David Clayton (University of York)

Hong Kong Uncharted:
Cultural Production and Spirit of Publicness Seminar Series

Hong Kong Uncharted Series

Cultural Marginalisation and Radicalisation

Hong Kong Uncharted Series

Literature as Means?
— Collectivity, Publicness, Identity

Hong Kong Uncharted Series

2019 and Beyond: Protest Practice and Cultural Production in the Anti-Extradition Bill Protests

Hong Kong Uncharted Series